March 2008

ASU Bass Fishing Team Seeks Sponsors;
Begins Local Season At Lake Pleasant

Mitch Kistner

ASU BASS TEAM -- Members of the Arizona State University Bass Fishing Team -- Mitch Kistner, Brent Perkins, Craig Carroll, Jason Rayls, Coach Katrina DeHaven, and Pro Kelly Jordan -- have had their first tournament on Lake Pleasant and are looking forward to the rest of the local season, followed by two national championships. Anyone interested in sponsoring the team of 15 members (at press time) can learn more at .


Anyone interested in sponsoring the Arizona State University Bass Fishing Team can get more information at or contact Mitch Kistner at (602) 510-1071. This season, the ASU team has 15 members.

Kistner started the club in May 2007, found two other anglers who were interested in having a team at ASU, and the three began to spread the word at university and on the Internet. Every month or two, a few more students join, and the hope is to grow the club in the next few years.

 There is a team meeting before each outing to pair boaters and non-boaters, to arrange rides, and to discuss the team’s fundraising and sponsorships. (A sponsorship packet can be seen at at the bottom of the page.

That packet, seeking sponsorship, was sent to 30-40 companies. Last season Costa Del Mar, Tru Tungsten, Kistler Custom Rods, Gambler Baits, Rico, and Eagle Claw contributed. Triton Boats provided the team a boat to borrow for the Under Armour ESPNU Collegiate Bass Fishing.

Championship in Arkansas this past October.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Bass Fishing Club at Arizona State University is to promote collegiate bass fishing within the ASU community and throughout Arizona. The club shall have tournaments throughout the year to ultimately find the top four anglers from ASU to represent the university at collegiate championships held by FOX College Sports and ESPNU, both being held in the fall.

This club shall teach the members more about the sport of bass fishing recreationally as well as competitively. Overall, this club is to enjoy the sport of bass fishing and represent the university across the nation.

Competitions Go From Local To National

ASU Bass has a team tournament once a month, which we do in an individual format to determine points. The four highest-point leaders will travel in the fall to make up two two-person teams to compete in  the FOX College Sports National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship. (Last season it was held at Lake Lewisville, Texas). Also, after the points are determined, the top two points leaders will compete in the Under Armour ESPNU Collegiate Championship.

More on the ESPNU tournament can be seen at where Heart and Kistner are up for the Under Aroumour Undeniable Performance award with a video clip of the two at weigh-ins. It is the big check mark on the right side that is the link to that video. 

More information on the FOX tournament can be seen at

The Arizona Season Begins

Results of ASU bass fishing on Feb. 10 at Lake Pleasant and standings at press time are as follow:

  1. Brent Perkins: five fish, 1.7 pounds big-fish weight, 5.8 pounds total weight, 125 ASU Option Money, 125 total money, and 100 ASU points
  2. Davis Heart: five fish, 1.6 pounds big-fish weight, 5.6 pounds total weight, 99 ASU points
  3. Will Hoskin: one fish, 1.9 pounds big-fish weight, 1.9 pounds total weight, 100 ASU points
  4. Billy McCall: one fish, 1.6 pounds big-fish weight, 1.6 pounds total weight, 97 ASU points
  5. Mitch Kistner: one fish, 1.2 pounds big-fish weight, 1.2 pounds total weight, 96 ASU points
  6. Craig Carroll: 91 ASU points
  7. Jason Rayls: 91 ASU points
  8. Mike Eyler: 91 ASU points
  9. Chris Yee: 91 ASU points
  10. Jeremy Nolen: 91 ASU points
  11. Jeremy Pennell: 91 ASU points
  12. Witney Cummins: 91 ASU points

ASU Bass Fishing Team Roster

Participating this season are the following anglers: Craig Carroll, Whitney Cummins, Ashton Dykert, Mike Eyler, Bryan Godin, Davis Heart,William Hoskins, Andrew Kelly, Grant Kerkemyer, Mitch Kistner, Billy McCall, Jeremy Nolen, Jeremy Pennell, Brent Perkins, Jason Rayls, Lauren Vartanian, and Chris Yee.

It All Started With One

The ASU angler who started the bass-fishing team is Mitch Kistner, 22, of Tempe. He was born in Aberdeen, S.D. and moved to Arizona when he was 8 years old.

 Kistner started fishing when he was 3 and bass fishing since he was 10. Kistner has been tournament fishing for a year now. His nickname is “Hollywood,” given to him by the team coach Kartrina DeHaven, a women’s pro bass angler. Why? According to Kistner, the name stuck after a road trip to Texas for a championship tourney because she thought he had a “Hollywood style” — sunglasses, earrings, beard growth, clothes, and a faux hawk.

There is also more information on in the bio section.