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7th Annual San Diego Yellowtail Derby 2015
The reception at the Fishing Clubs meetings during this month was very enthusiastic. Many new anglers have signed up for the 2015 contest. The excitement is building - just about a month and a half...Full Story

Arizona Wildflower Boom Year!
Visitors are flooding the gates at Picacho Peak State Park to get into the park in time to see the mountainside blooms of bright yellow Mexican poppies, purple lupine, pink globemallow and yellow...Full Story

Get Your Motor Running At The AZGFD Outdoor Expo
Get ready to climb into an OHV and go for a ride at the Arizona Game and Fish Department Outdoor Expo presented by Shikar Safari Club International. A 50- by 100-yard OHV track is the newest addition ...Full Story

On The Cover
As spring approaches, temperatures rise, and ice melts, paddlesports enthusiasts begin to contemplate their first paddle-trip. But, before grabbing the canoe, kayak or SUP for that first trip, Eighth Coast Guard District boating-safety program manager Ed Huntsman wants to offer....Full Story

Responsible Shooting Practices Emphasized In Initiative
A growing number of outdoor recreationists are getting involved in an effort to ensure continued access to public lands in Arizona by promoting outdoor ethics. The Respected Access is Open Access in...Full Story

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